Art is all about continuing to get better and expanding your abilities. Whether it’s acting techniques, etiquette on the tour bus, or ways to get ahead, there’s always more to learn from others.

On Worry

Just about every morning I wake up, more or less rested, on grey days or sunny, and the same thought flashes across my mind. It is usually a thought in a series of thoughts, about the day ahead, or where I left my keys, but I can pretty much count on it to pop up at some point. The thought proudly announces: You’re Not Doing Enough to Further Your Acting Career. In fact, that thought popped up in my mind just before I sat down to write this article.  
Before Boarding the Bus

Some days you'll be leaving the hotel early. I mean really bloody the sun won't be up for hours early. On such days I've sometimes just stayed up with the help of a good movie on TCM (Turner Classic Movies) or stuff to catch up with online. I do this because I know I can sleep on the bus. Where you're staying will determine what breakfast options are to be had and which continent the breakfast is from. But the first thing you need to be sure of is being ready for the bus to leave on time. 

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