On the Stroll by Vivian Green

Jo:  Get real. People like you have choices. People like me...?  Listen, Rachel...if you grew up like I did...?  Did your father take a

Being a professional artist means nothing if you can’t seal the deal. Knowing where to look for work and mastering the arts of auditioning, marketing, and networking will put you ahead of the pack.
What good is doing art unless you’re having fun?
Only fellow artists can understand how hard life can sometimes be when you’ve made art your profession. Come here and rekindle that flame.
Art is all about continuing to get better and expanding your abilities. Whether it’s acting techniques, etiquette on the tour bus, or ways to get ahead, there’s always more to learn from others.
You passionate about becoming an Actor? Look into acting schools and begin to expand your acting knowledge and reach.
Follow director Michael Bay on Twitter and learn about his upcoming projects so that you can submit to casting calls. 


Process, style, concepts, and more tackled by Directing Professionals.


Lighting, sound, props, costumes - a place for designers of all kinds to improve their craft.


For those who really, really, really love to be organized...really


Whether you’re killing time in the office, or the work day is over, this is where you want to be.


Tips, tricks, advice, and ideas for the writing professional.


Might as well read the stories and advice of your colleagues while you’re waiting in the booth for the show to start...

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