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Getting Along Getting Along
The weirdest part of theatre is rarely discussed: For a short time, you live with strangers.
Love Your Stage Manager Love Your Stage Manager
Theatre is collaborative, and lots of people are involved: writers, actors, producers, directors, and even the ushers who tear the tickets a...
Critics Are People Critics Are People
I’ll level with you: I am a theater critic.
Practice Makes Perfect Practice Makes Perfect
Many years ago, I joined a road-trip to New York to pick up my actor friend, Patrick Jordan.
Keeping Up with the Times Keeping Up with the Times
Ten years ago, a phone was a box with a receiver and a coiled cord.
Psycho Directors Psycho Directors
Stage Lore Stage Lore
A false story that amuses an audience is better than a real story that doesn’t.
Panic! At the Theatre Panic! At the Theatre
In 1999, I got my first leading role. It wasn’t glamorous: I played Gary, a friendless, witless dork who suffered occasional hallucina...
Auditioning 101 Auditioning 101
Actors dread auditions. So much stress! Only two minutes to prove your worth! What kind of sadist designed this torture-tunnel of ...
What to Look for in an Agent What to Look for in an Agent
Serious stage actors may go for years without agents. But for film and radio, an agent is indispensable. 
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